Long Island Express Deli

of Clayton

About Us                                                              

Picture this: 1970, I was a little boy playing pinball in the local pizzeria in Farmingdale NY. Soon, working there at 15, with hard work I soon owned that pizzeria on Main Street. Since 15, I, Jimmy Venero have been working hard to provide people with quality fresh food and a memorable meal.

The Venero, Fontanarosa and Monti family immigrated from Calabria, Torre Del Greco, Naples and Laccomeno, Ishcia, Italy in the early 1900’s. They went through Ellis Island and settled in New York’s Bronx and Brooklyn.

My maternal grandparents (the Fontarosas) opened up their restaurant in Brooklyn called Zia Carmela. It proved to be a big success. Liz’s (my wife) grandparents (the Monti’s) opened up their fresh produce store in the Bronx. With our inherited love for fresh, Italian food, it was inevitable that we would be in the restaurant business.

We went on to own another pizzeria in Farmingdale, called Goodfellas. We also had mobile pizza concessions at Roosevelt Raceway Flea Market and at numerous events and most Long Island and New York Italian Feasts.
We moved to the Clayton area in 1995 with our children, Lisa Marie & Anthony.

First, with our Pizza at the NC State Fairgrounds Flea Market, to our Pizza on Wheels delivery, to Jimmys Pizza Time at 40/42.

In 1998, after our daughter, Gianna was born, Goodfellas’ Pizzeria opened up. In 2002, the name was changed to Venero’s to avoid any comparison to the now defunct Goodfellas at Five Points in Raleigh. After numerous additions, the adjacent Monti Hall catering and the Long Island Express Deli on 70 & Main, we are still providing the Triangle and Clayton with NY Pizza and authentic Italian cuisine. We are delighted when we see original “regulars” who have followed us from our original beginnings here. We even have some from the NY locations!

Our family is proud to be serving the freshest, quality Italian food since the 1920’s.

We look forward to Catering your next event!